Who are we? And What do we do?

We produce Electro-Deionization units for water purification.

We develop new products in this field as well as giving technical advice and support concerning our products. Dietmar Steudten, who runs this company, has been in the water purification business since 1971. He founded the firm SG Wasseraufbereitung and Regeneration GmbH company in 1977. During that time, the companies supplied the sector with EL-Ion units with efficiency from 5 to 3000 L/H. In 1994 Dietmar Steudten obtained a licence for the patent held by the Research Centre, Jülich to develop electro de-ionising units. During that time, the company supplied the sector with El-Ion units with efficiency from 5 to 3000 L/H. The company SG Wasseraufbereitung und Regenerierstation GmbH was sold to Siemens in 2008. 

After leaving Siemens, Dietmar Steudten invested his time in developing bespoke systems of water purification for laboratories. Newly developed units were added to existing systems to obtain higher quality outputs. Alongside, highly efficient electro-deionising (El-DI) units were developed. These achieve higher efficiency with smaller dimensions and about 50% lower energy costs than most products on the World market. They run on low voltages leading to economy savings and probably less stringent safety measures.